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Friday, 1 April 2022

The final chapter of a debt-based empire

 You cannot say it better than Mike Adams in saying Death of the dollar begins today; the final chapter of a debt-based empire

If you want gas, find roubles." Those are the words of Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament, as reported by the BBC this week. The story follows up with a bombshell that has been scarcely reported:

The Kremlin also said Russia could start demanding payment in roubles for other commodities such as fertiliser, grain, metals and timber.

This means that Russia isn't merely demanding rubles for gas and oil exports; it's also going to demand rubles for commodities.

The ruble has already achieved a full recovery from its initial plunge following the economic sanctions put in place by the West. While the corporate media was initially claiming Russia's currency would collapse within days, quite the opposite has happened. Russia's currency is actually climbing steadily in value while the dollar, the euro and the yen are all losing value at a shocking rate.

Today will be remember as the beginning of the end of the US dollar, and the end of the "empire of debt" that it bolstered since 1971.

As a Friend said-Politicians sold your freedoms for money only to come find out it aint worth a nickel!

That is what they do-get you to turn your back on your own and shoot to kill afterword because you proved yourself untrustworthy. Always stand for something people! And Greed will never win!It may seem like it-but what most don't realize is that there is such a thing as judgement day.

Trudeau's spending on personal things like holidays,updating home,college funds for his children and well-we can go on and on-gosh I feel like Celine Dion right about now-with taxpayer money-basically going to call it what it is-STEALING-is because he knew ahead of time that the money system would be done.

They Won’t Declare the Pandemic Over

 The globalists have justified unprecedented attacks on democracy, civil liberties and personal freedoms, including the right to choose your own medical treatment. Now, the WHO wants to make its pandemic leadership permanent, and to extend it into the health care systems of every nation.

Thursday, 31 March 2022


 With Trudeau thinking he can now do anything he wants and run Canada to the ground and turn us Communist Country.He has a plan with the NDP Leader to join forces to do just that. Renovating a new kitchen in his home on taxpayers money is not something an Honest Politician does or well lets face it-has red blood in their veins.

How he is still in office is beyond me-he has broken so many laws! With his "New"  C Bill cancelling out EI Insurance,CCPlan,and Internet Freedoms to name a few.This new bill is mandatory to collecting Old Age Pension and the above named-get the jab or starve,and who is he to demand??? WE PAID INTO IT-or do we just steal like he does?????

I listened to Mike Adams the other day-I would like to share this with you all. If there is ever a time to stand and FIGHT and say NO-that time is NOW! Fight with everything you got! Write to Congress,MLA's,start petitions,and keep on living FREE!

Thursday, 3 February 2022


 We know politicians start off  by teaching"""young minds to learn how to bend and manipulate so they can go into the world to do the same to the masses.Take Trudeau for instance-he treats the FREEDOM CONVOY like a kindergarten class and acts very condensating.Get real Trudeau,you make me laugh because you are a lousy comedian,and far from what a leader should be.

The School system is a joke-we know that,and our kids are manipulated and controled by what the Elite see fit,making a mockery out of future generations-like promoting same sex relationships as a norm.So the sick fucks can eventually legalize phedophelia.
I personally believe that the Elite are planning to go off world to another planet,that is why they are raping our wallets too by raising prices on carbon tax,charging more for FREE ENERGY-who made you all GOD-FREE ENERGY IS FOR ALL,and whatever else they think us "Slaves" should pay more for.How bout we all just go on Welfare-who's gonna ship your asswipe asshats??????

Sunday, 9 January 2022


 Several thousand protesters took to the streets of downtown Montreal Saturday to voice their opposition to the province’s pandemic measures—whether the recently imposed curfew or the vaccine passport.

Not all were unvaccinated, with some taking a stand for freedom of choice or having received the first two doses and refusing a third due to constantly changing goalposts.

People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, who’s been vocal in criticizing the restrictions and mandates, was in attendance with a group of his supporters.

“I’m here like everyone else to tell the Trudeau and Legault governments that enough is enough. It’s not by trampling on our rights and freedoms that we’re going to solve the pandemic,”

“They’re trying to turn the non-vaccinated into the scapegoats of this pandemic. It’s completely unjust, discriminatory. The real scapegoats are the politicians ruling us. They’ve had years to change the health-care system, which is a totalitarian.

Bernier says we should learn to live with the virus and protect the most vulnerable while letting others get on with their lives.

“We’re sick of this criminal government,”  “Everything we’re going through is ridiculous. The masks, the curfew—they’re lying to us all day long.”

And trying to bully mandates of vaccine on our Human Rights

Sunday, 2 January 2022


Unvaccinated Workers Who Lose Their Job May Also Lose EI Benefits, Employment Minister Says

 Canadians who become jobless because they aren’t willing to get vaccinated for COVID-19 may be ineligible for employment insurance (EI) benefits, Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough said.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Qualtrough said the decision was made in part to ensure workplaces weren’t shut down due to an outbreak, and also to encourage vaccine uptake.

You assholes come to my door-I've got guns........let's all play rullet.

Monday, 20 December 2021

Replacement illegals are protected

 As hundreds of thousands of Americans are being killed by vaccines, illegal immigrants are granted "protected" status, since the vaccine manufacturers are afraid they'll be sued by non-American, undocumented illegals who are injured and killed by the vaccines.

As hundreds of thousands of Americans are being killed by vaccines, illegal immigrants are granted "protected" status, since the vaccine manufacturers are afraid they'll be sued by non-American, undocumented illegals who are injured and killed by the vaccines.

Democrats need new immigrants to replace all their current supporters who are being killed off by vaccine deaths. This process will take several years, but it has already begun. Excess deaths in 2021 are already ticking higher at alarming rates.

Illegals are the "replacements" for the obedient Democrats who took the vaccines and now face a ten-year die-off.

Non-governmental organizations participating in the program run by Gavi – called COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access, or COVAX – say they can’t bear the legal risks of administering the vaccines to migrants.

Joe Biden’s promised, “winter of severe illness and death” isn’t merely a threat, it’s a roadmap to the mass murder of obedient, oblivious Democrats who believed authorities and took the spike protein injections that are mislabeled “vaccines.” Now, as winter accelerates and vitamin D deficiencies take hold, those obedient Democrats are going to be dying in unprecedented numbers. The CDC warns that 15,600 Americans will be dying each week by Christmas. We put that number at 25,000 Americans each week by the end of February.

The cover story for skipping vaccine injections for illegal immigrants is that vaccine injuries would be “hard to track,” but the real story is that globalists want to protect the fertility of the illegal immigrants so that they can replace the dead Democrats who took the jab.

One of the defining characteristics of Democrats is that they tend to be oblivious in their worship of false authority. They exhibit cult-like adherence to absurd demands, including turning over their children to experimental genetic engineering injections known as mRNA “vaccines.” Thus, Democrats are largely clueless to the reality that they are being exterminated and replaced.

The highest vaccine death rates, of course, will take place in blue cities and states. As deaths accelerate, it won’t take long for these areas to face severe emergencies in lack of personnel and collapsing infrastructure.

Even worse, most blue cities across America demanded a 100% vaccine compliance rate among city workers. This demand was widely extended to police, fire and emergency responders. But it also includes road construction crews, administrative staff, accountants and so on. The net result is that vaccine die-offs will destroy the ability of these cities to function, eventually leading to absolute chaos as the people with the knowledge and experience of how to keep the bureaucracy running succumb to the spike protein injections via “boosters.”

Vaccine deaths will soon make up the majority of daily deaths in America

On any given (normal) day, around 7,500 people die in America. Those are pre-covid numbers. Before long, we’re going to see vaccine-induced deaths exceed this number, meaning vaccine deaths would blow beyond 52,500 deaths per week. That may not happen this winter, but it is inevitable, as we’ve already seen that vaccines double all-cause mortality. In other words, once you take a vaccine, your chances of dying double.

Brian Shilhavy writes in Health Impact News that health authorities are preparing to mass murder millions of people under the cover of “covid.”

The masses in the public currently supporting Pfizer and Moderna by being obedient slaves and doing exactly what they are told to do…

They have almost completed their take over of the U.S. hospital system by firing all the sane and ethical staff that refused the bioweapon shots, and implemented COVID protocols that are actually designed to bring in great profits while reducing the population of those sick with weakened immune systems.

That article references large-scale purchases of a drug called midazolam, which is used, among other things, in lethal injections.

NBC’s Brian Williams Quits With Strange Farewell Message: America Being ...